Manpreet Singh Alag
My name is Mannu Alag and I am a people photographer based out of Bangalore, India. I and photography fell in love when I was handed a Kodak KB series film camera and then a Kodak Ektra (remember 22mm cartridge?) during early childhood. Just loved the smell of my dad's darkroom as a child. But the demands of my student and professional life forced me out of the darkroom and eventually out of photography all together. I never stopped taking pictures in my mind, but the camera and the outward expression fell away. So few years back, picked up my camera again, looking forward towards a more mature journey as a photographer along with my day job as a Software Architect.

And here I am today, where I shoot portfolios, fashion, street, events, conceptual photography and anything that excites me as an artist. People and emotions and relationship to the immediate environment have been the inspirational factor for my photographs most of the times.

As Ansal Adams, said, "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."

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